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'we know you won't give, but we want it',instalation,2009,

Urban Stories: The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, Vilnius // September 25 - November 22 2009

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Invitation for Collaboration,


As HA ZA VU ZU, an art collective based on Turkey, we have decided to make a campaign
based on expired bread for our art project in the city. We have considered a collective and
collaborative system for collecting bread. Mainly, the bread of Vilnius will be collected from
restaurants and houses through recycling points and later it will be evaluated by us and the

The volunteers of our campaign, that are the residents of the Vilnius, can visit www.breadway
.blogspot.com and contact us, so that we are able to inform them about the details and decide
the recycling points together for expired bread. These recycling points will be situated
according to the expectations of the volunteers.

One aim of our campaign is to encourage the residents of Vilnius for recycling of expired
bread. Moreover, during the campaign our main task is to develop a public awareness for
collecting bread. Posters, brochures, radio teasers, public announcements, advertisements and
any other helpful medium for underlining this awareness will be welcomed and all the above
tasks will need a collective and collaborative action.

This invitation aims at triggering this united action and creating a spark to discuss the
realization of the campaign in the city of Vilnius. Supportive ideas, alternative solutions and
tactics of realization discussed with the volunteers will enrich both the campaign and the
collective action during our art project.

As it is considered, during the campaign, “BreadwayCard “ will be given to the volunteers
who have participated in recycling process. A lottery based on these cards will be organized
by HA ZA VU ZU and the winner will have a chance to own an oven costing 1000 Litas!

During the campaign the collected bread will be stored in a public place, so that the volunteers
can easily visit. This place will also help to give information about the process of the
campaign. Additionally, it will underline the main motto of the campaign: “Bread gets us
together” and discourage the “paradigm of distrust” in the society.

This campaign will be held on between 28th of August and 10th of September 2009 by HA
ZA VU ZU. There will be an exhibition during Baltic Triennial at 25th of September - 22th of
November 2009 consist of the documentation of the campaign, the products of the volunteers
and our contributions on the campaign.

We send our thanks with our wish for the happy days of being freed from our loads.

Best Regards,